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Ultrasonic Auto Elastic Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic Auto Elastic Cutting Machine

As a reliable supplier and manufacturer of Ultrasonic Auto Elastic Cutting Machines, we prioritize quality and performance. Our machines are built with precision and are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting operation. We also provide comprehensive technical support and training to ensure smooth integration and optimal usage of the machine.

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Product Description

Ultrasonic Auto Elastic Cutting Machine 

HD Ultrasonic Auto Elastic Cutting Machine is a specialized device used for cutting elastic materials with the help of ultrasonic technology. This machine is designed to provide efficient and precise cutting of elastic bands, tapes, webbing, and other elastic materials commonly used in the textile, apparel, and medical industries.

Using high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations, the machine generates heat that melts and seals the edges of the elastic material, creating clean and sealed cuts. The cutting process is quick and accurate, ensuring consistent and uniform cuts without fraying or unraveling.

The Ultrasonic Auto Elastic Cutting Machine offers several advantages over traditional cutting methods. It eliminates the need for additional finishing processes such as sewing or heat sealing, saving time and reducing labor costs. The ultrasonic cutting also provides a sealed edge, enhancing the durability and aesthetics of the cut elastic.


● Voltage: 220V Power:1500W

● Gas Pressure:0.4-0.5Mpa

● Dimension: L 2. 1m W 0.65m H 1.5m

● Weight: 220KG

Function R
With rotary cutter type
Sensor detect logo
Visual system
" √" is Standard "O"is Optional 0 0 0

Ultrasonic Auto Elastic Cutting Machine Function

● Standard type,Rotatory cutter type and visual system for customer choosing.

● UItrasonic welding and cutting makes the section perfect without any scattering,which solves the shortage and dimension error by manual work.

● Manipulator material collecting system does not need manual sorting, and can collect more than 100 strips one time.

● Wider applicability can cut different width and thickness of elastic band.

● Size range: Max width: 60mm,Max cutting length: 2500mm (Margin of Error: +2mm in 100cm).

● 1 person can operate multiple machines(Save a lot of labor costs and improve production efficiency).

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