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Double Head Automatic Elastic Band Sewing Machine

Double Head Automatic Elastic Band Sewing Machine

As a reputable manufacturer and supplier of sewing machines, we prioritize quality and performance.HD Double Head Automatic Elastic Band Sewing Machines are built with robust construction and utilize advanced sewing technology to ensure precision and durability. We provide comprehensive technical support and training to assist our customers in optimizing their sewing processes.

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Product Description

Double Head Automatic Elastic Band Sewing Machine

The Double Head Automatic Elastic Band Sewing Machine is a specialized and efficient device designed for sewing elastic bands onto various textile products. This machine is equipped with two sewing heads, allowing for simultaneous sewing of elastic bands on both sides of the fabric, thereby increasing productivity and reducing production time.

With its automatic operation, this machine offers precise and consistent sewing of elastic bands. It is designed to handle various types of elastic materials and fabrics commonly used in the garment, lingerie, and medical industries. The machine ensures secure and reliable stitching, providing strong and durable elastic band attachments.

The Double Head Automatic Elastic Band Sewing Machine offers several advantages. It improves efficiency and reduces labor costs by automating the sewing process. The machine allows for adjustable stitching parameters, such as stitch length and tension, ensuring flexibility to meet different sewing requirements. It is also equipped with user-friendly controls and intuitive interfaces, making it easy to operate and maintain.


● Voltage: 220V Power: 2000W

● Gas Pressure: 0.4-0.5Mpa

● Dimension: L 1.8m W 1. 1m H 1.75m

● Weight: 280KG

Function U
isual system
Auto remove
Color sensor
Rotary collector
Auto mark
Auto remove
Height sensor
" √" is Standard
" is Cptional
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Double Head Automatic Elastic Band Sewing Machine Function

● Auto feeding and cutting with single sewing machine head to sew. Used to auto cut and sew the elastic band or briefs.It is available to choose ptychoid or not. Range of ptychoid: 0-25mm.

● This machine with the function of clod cut,ultrasonic cut (Scissors and ultrasonic can be used in exchange), visual system(Logo center) and auto remove joint.

● Customer can do partial invest according to the requirement.If choose the standard machine first,in the future, with the higher requirement of operation,customer can add the ultrasonic and visual system on the existed

machine. Making cost reduction,no need to purchase another machine.

● Size range of elastic tape L150mm(5 9/10")- 1200mm(47 7/8") (Margin of Error:±2mm in 100cm), W15(5/8")-70mm(2" 3/4").

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