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Mechanical Metering Device for Elastic Tape

Mechanical Metering Device for Elastic Tape

As a reputable manufacturer and supplier, we prioritize the quality and performance of our Mechanical Metering Device for Elastic Tape. HD devices undergo rigorous testing to ensure accuracy and reliability in metering elastic tape. We also provide comprehensive technical support and customer service to assist you in optimizing the use of our devices.

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Product Description

Mechanical Metering Device for Elastic Tape

The Mechanical Metering Device for Elastic Tape is a reliable and efficient tool designed to accurately measure and dispense elastic tape in various manufacturing processes. This device incorporates mechanical technology to provide precise metering control, ensuring consistent and uniform distribution of elastic tape.

With its robust construction and durable components, the Mechanical Metering Device is built to withstand continuous use in demanding industrial environments. It is engineered to handle a wide range of elastic tape widths and thicknesses, allowing for flexibility in accommodating different production requirements.

The device offers adjustable settings for controlling the length and speed of the elastic tape, providing precise metering control tailored to specific application needs. It ensures accurate and reliable distribution of elastic tape, reducing material waste and optimizing production efficiency.

The Mechanical Metering Device is easy to operate and maintain. It features intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces, allowing operators to configure and monitor the metering process with ease. Its simple yet effective design enables hassle-free integration into existing production lines or can be used as a standalone unit.


● Power: AC220V,50HZ,20W

● Dimension:L 370mm W 280mm H 280mm

● Weight:6.05KG

PARAMETER label lengths Rmm-300mm
label widths 6mm~130mm
Delivery speed 6~7m/min
Roll inside diameters over <25mm
Doll outside diameter below C250mm
Power AC220V、50HZ、20W

Mechanical Metering Device for Elastic Tape Function

● Electronic control system, easy handling.

● Auto peel off labels with wrinkle-free.

● Automatic label feed and peel off when last label is removed.

● Rows of small labels can be peeled off at one time.

● Auto detect transparent label.

● Can be used multi-person, increasing production efficiency.

● Suitable to be used on the full volume label with interval or continuity.

● Size of peeled off label is adjustable.

● Auto counter from 0 to 999999 assists in tracking production.

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